Measure K Parcel Tax Exemption and more

  • You can find the Measure H Parcel Tax Exemption Application and Refund Application at the links below:

    1 Parcel Tax Forms

    Parcel Tax Exemption Form

    Parcel Tax Refund Form





    • Measure H (June 2010)
      • A Mount Pleasant Elementary School District parcel tax, Measure H ballot proposition was on the June 8, 2010 ballot for voters in the Mount Pleasant Elementary School District in Santa Clara County, where it was approved
      • Measure H levied an annual parcel tax of $95 for five years.
      • Continue improving the quality of local elementary schools by protecting reading, math and science programs, restoring libraries, music/art, retaining qualified teachers, including those for students with special needs and tutoring programs, maintaining updated classroom materials/computer technology, and reduce class size, shall Mount Pleasant Elementary School District levy an annual education tax of $95 per parcel for five years with an exemption for seniors, no funds for administrator’s salaries, independent citizen oversight and all funds benefiting local schools?

    • Measure K (June 2014)
      • A Mount Pleasant School District Parcel Tax Renewal, Measure K ballot question was on the June 3, 2014 election ballot for voters in the Mount Pleasant School District in Santa Clara County, California, where it was approved.Measure K authorized the district to renew for seven years a parcel tax of $95 per parcel per year. This tax, which was set to expire in 2015, was originally approved by voters in 2010 as Measure H.

      • A two-thirds (66.67 percent) supermajority vote was required for approval of Measure


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