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    Free or reduced price meal benefit status from last year can be used to pay for lunches until Sept. 30. We can assist new applicants in applying for free or reduced price meal benefits through the National Lunch Program and can process applications quickly. No citizenship information is collected during the application process. Just as in the past, you will need to reapply annually.  

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    Dear Parents   

    Dear Parent or Guardian:
    The Mt. Pleasant Elm. School District participates in the National School Lunch Program and/or School Breakfast Program by offering nutritious meals every school day. Students may buy lunch for $3.00 and breakfast for $2.00. Eligible students may receive meals free of charge or at the reduced-price rate of $0.40 for lunch and$0.30 for breakfast. You or your children do not have to be U.S. citizens to qualify for free or reduced-price meals. If there are more household members than the number of lines on the application, attach a second application.

    Estimado padre, madre o tutor:Mt. Pleasant Elm. School District participa en el Programa Nacional de Almuerzos Escolares (National School Lunch Program ) y/o Programa de Desayunos Escolares (School Breakfast Program) ofreciendo comidas nutritivas todos los días de clases. Los estudiantes pueden comprar los almuerzos por $3.00 y los desayunos por $2.00. Los estudiantes que reúnen los requisitos pueden recibir comidas gratis o al precio reducido de $0.40 por el almuerzo y $0.30 por el desayuno. Ni usted ni sus hijos tienen que ser ciudadanos de los Estados Unidos para recibir comidas gratis o precio reducido. Si hay más miembros del hogar que número de renglones en la solicitud, adjunte una segunda solicitud.

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