• Ida Jew Academy and Valle Vista Elementary, a TK-8th school, is dedicated to creating a safe and caring environment. Through a problem-solving culture, data-driven decisions, and a holistic approach to student well-being, they stand out. The committed staff, comprising of teachers, support staff, and administrators, collaboratively ensure that every student feels respected and valued. In addition to the programs in STEAM, Spanish-Dual Language Immersion, and Visual and Performing Arts, the school prioritizes a positive and inclusive educational experience.

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Vision and Mission

Vision: Through our intentional efforts toward student achievement, we will continue to ensure students learn at high levels; develop socially and emotionally. Together, we will empower, inspire, and unite our efforts to maximize student potential.

Mission: Through our collaboration among students, staff, and families, we will build upon our students' creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills to produce well-rounded lifelong learners who are socially responsible and prepared for college, career, and their future in their ever-changing century.