An August Boeger Education focuses on the Whole Child

Whole child

Our Mission

  • The mission of August Boeger Middle School is to present our students with a safe learning environment that promotes academic success through social-emotional learning, critical thinking, and problem solving. We strive to build strong relationships and create responsible, productive students in a global society.

The AB Whole Child Approach

  • August Boeger Middle School (AB) employs a whole child approach to create a safe and inclusive learning environment where all students feel valued and respected. AB's programs, services, and partnerships are aligned and integrated to meet the needs of all students.

    Part of the whole child approach at AB is providing for the social emotional needs of every student, including mild to moderate-severe pupils. AB has a Social Emotional Coach that pushes into classrooms every day to take the teachers and students through wellness and mindfulness exercises before learning begins. Students who need social emotional support outside of the classroom have access to our Wellness Center, staffed by our social emotional counseling staff. Administrators, staff, and teachers work together to identify, support, and refer students in need of additional support to address a range of challenges including: home insecurity, food insecurity, special needs, McKinney Vinto, chronic absenteeism, substance abuse, anger management, and more. 


The Bobcat Way


    Students are expected to learn and follow all school and classroom rules and demonstrate appropriate
    social skills when interacting with both adults and peers.

    1. BE SAFE
    • I am responsible, like everyone else, for maintaining safety at school.
    • I help maintain a clean and safe campus that is free of graffiti, weapons, and drugs.
    • I report any bullying or harassment.
    • I avoid conflicts and physical or verbal violence.

    • I treat others the way I want to be treated.
    • I respect laws, rules, and school authorities.
    • I treat people fairly and respect their rights.

    • I take responsibility for my actions.
    • I choose how I respond to others.
    • I come to school regularly and on time, ready to learn.
    • I help to create a positive school environment.