Uniform Expectations 2023-24

  • TOPS:  Solid White, Navy, or Black

    • Polo-shirt, collared, or T-shirt (long or short sleeved)

    • Turtleneck or mock neck

    • Approved August Boeger T-shirts (AVID, Sports, Leadership, Clubs, etc.)

    • Shirts may not be too long (fingertip length), tight, cropped or baggy


     BOTTOMS:  Khaki

    • Twill slacks, shorts, skirts, skorts (below fingertip length), or capris

    • Neatly hemmed 

    • Pants must be worn on or above the natural hip line

    • No rips or holes above the fingertips

    • No sweatpants 


    BELTS:  Plain Black, Brown, or White

    • Plain buckles may not have insignias (letters or designs)

    • Plain belts may not have studs, sparkles, or other decorations


    SWEATSHIRTS:  Gray, Black or White

    • Hooded or non-hooded

    • Pull over or zipper style

    • Approved August Boeger sweatshirts (AVID, Sports, Leadership or Clubs), MPAS, or Science Camp

    • Hoods must not be worn in the classroom

    • School-appropriate logos (no offensive, gang- or drug-related logos)


    JACKETS:  Solid Color

    • Jackets with team logos or other advertisements are not permitted

    • School-appropriate logos (no offensive, gang- or drug-related logos)


    SOCKS:  White or Black 

    • Students may wear one pair of socks on their feet

    • Socks are not to be stuffed under tongues of shoes

    • Tights may be worn

    • School-appropriate logos (no offensive, gang- or drug-related logos)


    SHOES:  Mostly Plain White, Brown, Gray, or Black (No red, maroon or blue) 

    • Closed toes (no sandals, slides, or Crocs) and no high-heels

    • Shoelaces must be tied

    • Students must also have appropriate shoes for PE



    • Backpacks are to be free from writing or drawings, except the student’s name written once neatly

    • Patches or tape are not permitted

    • No solid red, maroon or blue

    • School-appropriate logos (no offensive, gang- or drug-related logos)



    • Soft natural looking make-up may be worn

    • Spray deodorant or perfumes are not allowed on campus

    • Eyebrows should not have any slits/cuts in them

    • Perfume, cosmetics, mirrors, lip-gloss, or combs/brushes may not 

    be used in class


    • Hair should be clean and neatly groomed

    • Hairstyles should be appropriate in length and no unusual hair color, that are distracting to other students and disruptive to learning

    • Hairspray or mousse is not allowed on campus


    • Long earrings & large hoops are not permitted

    • Jewelry that may be offensive is not allowed

    • Students with body piercings (lip, eyebrow, nose, tongue, cheek, etc.) are not permitted 

    • Chain wallets are not permitted


    • Head coverings may be worn on school grounds only for protection from weather (remove inside the building) or religious reasons (permitted at all times)

    • Head coverings or hair decorations that are gang-like in nature or color are not allowed

    • Accessories that interfere with learning or present a safety threat are not allowed

    • Sunglasses may be worn only outside of class and must have appropriate logos 



    • Lunch detentions

    • Possible exclusion from non-uniform days

    • Other actions based on individual needs

    • Parent/Guardian contacted to bring correct uniform


    *No Red or Blue clothing or items with insignias from non-school clubs, organizations, or gangs. [EC 35183,35183.5]

    *If there are any questions about school uniforms, please refer back to the MPESD District Handbook.


    On non-uniform days, students must dress within acceptable standards of cleanliness and modesty.  All clothing should be clean, neat, in good repair, non-distracting, non-offensive and safe for school activities. Students who are ineligible for the non-uniform day and do not wear their uniforms will call home for their school uniform.

    The following items are not allowed:

    • Skirts and shorts that do not reach your fingertips when your arms are at your sides

    • Low-cut tank tops or shirts; vests and jackets with large or gaping arm holes or halter tops

    • Crop tops, bare midriff blouses, cut-offs, or see-through jerseys 

    • Straps less than 1 inch wide

    • Revealing clothing (including ripped jeans with holes/rips above the fingertips)

    • Clothes, jewelry or pins that advertise products that are illegal or off limits to minors, or that are offensive or may interfere with students doing their best work

    • Sandals, flip-flops, slides, Crocs, or high-heeled shoes

    • Clothing or items with offensive, gang- or drug-related logos 

    • No Red or Blue on anything (or shades of red or blue


    Spirit - Free Dress - College Thursday - Class Colors!

    Times to celebrate! Students also may dress up for holidays and spirit days announced monthly throughout the year.

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