We are a PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) School

  • At August Boeger Middle School, this means we believe in using multiple tools to ensure our students’ success academically and behaviorally. We focus on classroom management and preventive school discipline to maximize student success.


    We expect all students to follow the 3 Be’s

    Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible

    By teaching these three expectations, our school community promotes a safe, conducive learning environment where students feel a sense of belonging. We further build the community and students’ characters by celebrating students’ successes.



    August Boeger celebrates students’ successes! Students may earn Boeger Bucks for exemplifying strong citizenship skills. Boeger Bucks may be used to enter Boeger Bucks raffles, to purchase goods at the Boeger Buck Store, and/or to attend incentive field trips. In addition, students at August Boeger are recognized for the quality of their academic and behavioral achievements as indicated by their successful learning and citizenship. We celebrate academic success, academic improvement, excellent citizenship, and attendance at school wide trimester award assemblies and events/activities.



    Step 1.  Warning is given one-on-one (teacher/staff describes the behavior, prompting appropriate behavior, student reiterates expected behavior back using eye contact & positive body language).

    Step 2.  Refocus in the classroom (must be timed; 5-10 min). A copy is given to the parent to be signed and returned. Teachers will meet with students within the next class meeting (before school, brunch, prep, or after school to discuss the reflection).

    Step 3.  Mediation with the student and talking with the parent in a positive way by classroom teacher (via phone or e-mail).

    Step 4.  Office Referral given to the student and student is sent to the office. Conference must take place (face-to-face with student and administrator).

    Step 5.  Office is the last resort unless it is a “MAJOR” offense.


    Students are accountable for following school rules during the school day and on their way to and from school, as well as off-campus school activities. This includes the following situations:

    • Inappropriate behavior or fighting before or after school, even though it may not be on school grounds
    • Violation of any school rule while on a school field trip
    • Failure to comply with regulations on a school bus
    • Inappropriate behavior at a school-sponsored sports activity
    • Vandalism or property damage while on the way to and from school or at a school-sponsored activity or at any school in the Mt. Pleasant School District.