Parents/ guardians, families and community members! 

    We look forward to working with you as we know a strong partnership supports our students' academic and social and emotional well-being.    



    At August Boeger we strive to prepare all our students for high school, college and their lives beyond. We offer an extensive selection of extracurricular clubs and sports. Our popular after-school program MPAS provides a homework center, enrichment classes and physical activity/sports. We have a robust music elective and a zero period band for students who want to get their grooves on. Our teachers use growth mindset theory and teach to the whole child. Parent involvement and child safety are among our top priorities. We offer activities and involvement for the entire family, like family paint nights and cooking classes and have a very involved Parent Student Teacher Association PTSA. Please contact the school with any queries you may have.


    Shanon Soza, Interim Principal