How do you Enroll your child?

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    Welcome to Mt. Pleasant Elementary School District! The enrollment process has begun for the 2022-2023 academic year and our five schools are welcoming new students. Our classrooms reflect our commitment to positive and empowering educational achievement and social-emotional experiences for our students, staff, and families.    


    By providing opportunities and resources to excel, our team of expert educators and support staff work every day for the success of our students inside and outside the classroom. In a setting that promotes diversity, equity, belonging, and inclusion, MPESD extends an invitation to families to be part of our school community.   


    Thank you for your trust in such an enormous task: the education of a future generation of leaders.


    In order to enroll your student in the District, we kindly ask you to complete the following steps:



    1.  Start by clicking on the Enrollment Requirements and Forms below.

    Enrollment Requirements

    Requisitos de inscripción

    Enrollment Forms   

    formularios de inscripción


    All students entering school for the first time must have a TB test or risk assessment survey filled out. TB Test/ Risk Assessment Survey

    All students must have all vaccinations completed prior to the start of school as required by the State of California.


    Oral Health Form Completed by your Dentist.  It must be completed by May 31st of the student's first year of school. Submit the completed form to the school office.


    2.  Contact your desired school to schedule an appointment. You will bring all the completed forms and documents required for your appointment. All visitors to our schools are required to wear a mask.

    3.  Please follow us on social media, where you will learn about upcoming events and activities. Here are the links:


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