Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Ghielmetti


I'm Ms. Ghielmetti, celebrating my ninth year in the teaching profession and my second year at IJAVVE, where I proudly serve as a 4th-grade educator. Prior to joining IJAVVE, I taught at Rocketship Alma Academy and DJ Sedgwick Elementary School.

My teaching philosophy revolves around harnessing innovation and creativity to create an engaging and enduring passion for learning among my students. Throughout my career, I've gained valuable experience in various areas such as art, music (singing, choir, piano), videomixing (check out our class videos!), technology, reading/writing interventions, assessments, and social-emotional learning in the classroom.

Beyond the school walls, my interests include reading, singing, recording music, spending time with my beloved kitties and guinea pigs, and cherishing moments with my family. Additionally, I actively contribute to our STEM program, co-leading the IJAVVE Tech Challenge Team (stay tuned for more information).