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    Read below to learn about our classroom goals, expectations, and routines.



    As AVID learners, we will be creating goals as a class and as individuals.  Our classroom goals will center around creating a positive learning environment in which all participants are valued, encouraged, and challenged to be their best selves.  Our individual goals will adress personalized academic goals set collaboratively between each student and the teacher.

    We will also be monitoring our progress toward meeting our goals as the year progresses and revising them as goals are met and exceeded.Goals

    I look forward to sharing our goals with you soon!



    At Robert Sanders AVID Elementary, we follow the 3 B's -- Be Responsible.  Be Respectful.  Be Safe.   As a class we will describe what the 3 B's look and sound like in our physical classroom, our virtual classroom, and across campus.  We also follow the Peace Builders Pledge.


    Positive Reinforcement

    To reinforce a positive classroom environment, we use a number chart that begins at 0 and rises up to 4.  Each student has a clothespin with his/her number on it.  All students begin the day with their clothespins on Ready to Learn (0).  Throughout the day, they have opportunities to move the clothespins up.  Some reasons students may move up their clothespins include

    • Meeting class expectations without being remindedClothespin
    • Going out of their way to help a classmate or adult
    • Stepping out of their comfort zone to try something new
    • Consistently demonstrating positive character traits
    • If all students bring in their homework, all students get to move up
    • If all students are present and working in their seats when the tardy bell rings, all students get to move up
    • If students have parents/guardians sign in the upper right hand corner of their planners on Monday evenings, indicating they have reviewed the events and reminders for the week, they will get to move up on Tuesday morning. 



    At the end of the day, students record their point totals in their planners.  When a student has accumulated 25 points, he/she may choose a coupon from the coupon menu or a prize from the prize basket.  Coupons include:

    • Extra Recess or Choose a Game for the Whole Class
    • Skip Morning Work or One Night of Homework
    • Draw on the Whiteboard or Select a Story for the Class to HearHW Coupon
    • Pick a Pen or a Class Job for the Day
    • Teacher Helper for the Day or Eat Lunch with the Teacher
    • Wear Your Favorite Hat to School or Wear a Crown as King for the Day
    • Take Your Shoes Off in Class or Wear Slippers in Class
    • Be the Line Leader or Tell the Class a Joke
    • Sit by a Friend for the Day or Sit at the Teacher's Desk
    • Extra Tech Time or Sharpen Your Pencil Whenever You Want
    • Teacher Phone Call Home (to share how awesome you are)


    Warm Fuzzies

    To keep the positivity going, we have a jar for Warm Fuzzies.  Whenever the class is doing well during a lesson or work time, receives a compliment around campus, or is just generally making good choices that align with those of an AVID scholar, Warm Fuzzies are added to the jar.  When the jar fills up, the class will earn a thirty-minute party like that earned when they accumulate 500 points.

    Kudos & Class Meetings

    In addition to the clothespin system and Warm Fuzzies, we maintain a Kudos Box.  If students have a concern with a fellow classmate that cannot be resolved in another manner, students may add the issue to the class meetings agenda.  We then hold a class meeting to problem solve as a class and come to a consensus Kudos regarding the issue.  If students have a compliment to pay a fellow classmate, he/she may fill out a Kudos card and put it in the Kudos Box.  We read Kudos cards just before dismissal on Fridays.  The recipient of the Kudos card gets to take it home or may opt to post it in the classroom.



    Homework ScheduleSchedule

    Reading Logs: On the back of each planner page is a reading log for the week.  Here, students write down the date, title of what they are reading, and the number of minutes they read for the day.  The goal is to read 150 minutes a week.  I know weeknights are busy, so reading logs are not checked until Monday mornings, allowing for additional reading time over the weekend.  Please help your child total the minutes and then sign the logs so that your child can earn a +1 on Monday mornings.  Those who read 160 minutes or more get +2.


    Homework: Homework this year comes in the form of a choice menu.  For each day, Monday through Thursday, students are offered 2-3 options of assignments to complete.  All assignments are due on Friday mornings.  The first assignment completed for each day earns +1; additional completed assignments earn Praise Notes.


    Daily Schedule

    • 8:15 - 10:00       Crew, ELD, & Math
    • 10:00 - 10:20     Recess
    • 10:20 - 11:55     Math & ELA
    • 11:55 - 12:35     Lunch
    • 12:35 - 1:30       ELA*
    • 1:30 - 2:00         Social Studies or Science
    • 2:00 - 2:25         PE & Dismissal **


    *Art or Music & PE on Wednesdays 

    **Dismissal on Wednesdays is at 1:25.


    Uniform Policy

    • Bottoms:  Navy blue pants, shorts, skirts, or jumpers
    • Shirts: Hunter green or white polo, button-up, blouse, or turtle neck with the Robert Sanders logo or no logo at all
    • Sweatshirts/Sweaters:  Hunter green sweatshirts or sweaters with the Robert Sanders logo or no logo at all
    • Shoes:  Close-toed shoes, no sandals or heel-less shoes
    • Hats:  Hats permitted on special occasions only
    • Optional: Uniform shirts and sweatshirts with the Robert Sanders logo may be purchased from Robert Sanders PTA in the office or via their online store.


    Celebrating Birthdays
    Everyone loves a great birthday celebration, but with food allergies and time constraints, it is becoming increasing challenging to celebrate with cupcakes, cookies, and other treats.  Because of this, we are trying something different this year.  In celebration of your child's special day, I will give your child a birthday bookmark, and your child will get to choose a class coupon!  If you would like to bring something for the class, I ask that you choose from the following options:

    • Donate a book or learning game to the classHappy Birthday
    • Donate a book to the school library
    • Bring a goody bag of school supplies or small prize-type toys for each student
    • Bring a birthday or decorative pencil for each student

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation!



      Please email me with any questions you may have or ideas for information you'd like me to add.