Alternative Dispute Resolution

    Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) involves providing alternative means of solving problems that arise between families and school teams. It is a process that provides the parties in conflict to utilize effective communication, collaboration, negotiation, and mediation strategies to control and shape their own agreement. The federal law emphasizes the use of ADR, whenever possible, to assist in resolving conflicts or disagreements.  The South East Consortium SELPA provides training opportunities in ADR strategies and techniques to assist IEP team members in developing and maintaining skills related to ADR.  When appropriate, SELPA can assist IEP teams in utilizing the ADR process.  These ADR processes strive to provide IEP teams within the South East Consortium SELPA a continuum of dispute resolution strategies to engage in different levels of intervention, including prevention, disagreement, and conflict resolution. 
    ADR services provided by the South East Consortium SELPA include communication with SELPA staff through telephone, meetings and/or email communication, IEP case support, IEP facilitation, and local mediation with neutral facilitators.  
    For more information about ADR or to request assistance, please contact the SELPA Office at 408-223-3771.
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