• Techincal Assistance (TA) provided by the South East SELPA includes:

    Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)The federal law emphasizes the use of ADR, whenever possible to assist in resolving conflicts or disagreements.  SELPA provides training oppprtunities in ADR strategies and techniques to assist IEP team members in developing and maintaining skills related to ADR.

    California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS)

    SELPA provides ongoing management and assistance to district staff responsible for the SELPA-wide pupil counts.  SELPA coordinate and assists districts with the submission of required CALPADS data and reports to the California Department of Education.

    Fiscal Management:  Special Education Funding

    SELPA is responsible for the management, distribution, and accounting of funds which are allocated to the districts in the South East SELPA and the SCCOE.  SELPA coordinates the ongoing review of the SELPA’s Funding Allocation Plan as well as expenditure reporting on Federal IDEA Grant Funds.  

    Information Dissemination

    SELPA provides information to educators and the community pertaining to special education services, programs, and resources.  The following information is available at the SELPA office:

    • Child Find
    • Complaint Procedures
    • Parent Rights Information
    • School District Contact Directory
    • SELPA Local Plan and Policies
    • Special Education Programs within the SELPA

    Professional Development

    Professional development for special education teachers, administrators,  paraeducators, and support staff is provided throughout the calendar year.  SELPA coordinates with other local SELPAS and agencies to provide district members and educational partners high quality professional development that builds capacity and supports the continuous improvement process.  A comprehensive list of Professional Development opportunities is maintained on the SELPA website. 

    Program Compliance/Quality Assurance Process Monitoring

    SELPA supports districts using the Special Education Information System (SEIS) and coordinates with the SCCOE using SELPA Information Records and Analysis Support (SIRAS) in providing ongoing data tracking, support and resources to improve educational outcomes for students with disabilities while ensuring compliance with state and federal laws and regulations.  

    Special Education Local Plan and Policies Development

    The SELPA is responsible for monitoring the Local Plan to verify that member districts are complying with their legal responsibilities to ensure program compliance and quality.  The SELPA coordinates the development and implementation of the Local Plan and policies relating to the provision of special education services within the South East SELPA and the Santa Clara County Office of Education.